June 26, 2019

Semente Surfboards launches “Good student? New surfboard!” campaign

Semente Surfboards launches a new summer campaign for young surfers.If you were a good student this year, we have a surprise for you. Now that classes ...

June 6, 2019

Surfboard shaping state of the art

Surfboard design is at its highest point in history. Surfers around the world are open to try everything and anything that shapers are putting out. ...

May 14, 2019

Semente Surfboards launches new Jig model

Semente Surfboards launches new Jig model. This board design is a revival of what was Jose Gregório’s (3x Portuguese champion) secret weapon for ...

January 24, 2019

Winter Surfboard Guide

Portugal as always has not let us down coming in to the 2018/19 winter. Waves have been pumping, we have hosted the Nazaré big wave event with amazing ...

July 31, 2018

Semente Surfboards launches Bondo model in EPS

Semente Surfboards officially launches the Bondo model in EPS (Expanded Polystyrene).Semente Surfboards has spent more than a year researching and ...

July 16, 2018

Great vibe in “Duelo das Gerações” at Ribeira D’Ilhas

"Duelo das Gerações" (Generations Duel) first edition took place last weekend with 0,5m waves in Ribeira D'Ilhas beach, Ericeira. The event organized ...

July 9, 2018

Semente Surfboards presents “Duelo das Gerações”

Semente Surfboards presents the first edition of "Duelo das Gerações" an event that will gather the surfing community on the 14th of July in Ribeira ...

July 3, 2018

Semente Surfboards launches “Go Groms!” program

Semente Surfboards launches "Go Groms!", a new program to support the new generation of surfers up to 15 years old. The brand based in Ericeira aims ...

February 8, 2018

FCS Fin Clinic: Find Your Fin

This FCS Fin Clinic is designed to help you find the FCS II fin that’s best suited to the way you want to surf and the waves you’re riding. More ...

January 17, 2018

Update your Fall/Winter quiver

Winter is upon us again, after the longest summer to memory and some beautiful early season swells plus some new mega swells on the map, surfers are ...

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Back in 1982 Portugal was the surfers dream and Ericeira was the mystical surf trip for all surfers due to quality and rawness of the surf. At the time Nick Uricchio and Miguel Katzenstein created Semente Surfboards the choice of where to set up shop was simple, where is the best surf? Ericeira more to the point right on top of one of the best right handers in Europe, Coxos. Surfing was the driving force behind the partners in the beginning and the passion for surfboard design and construction. The name Semente meaning seed in English was chosen and represented the base of a project that would grow and flourish in the future.

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